About Better Futures
Better Futures is an aspiring international development organization based in Issaquah, U.S.A. that is the outgrowth of founder Michael Kraft’s volunteer work in Zambia with iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service.
While official development assistance and private investment is important, Better Futures believes there is a place for small-scale, collaborative projects that are designed to build the capacity of small groups in poor communities.  Since projects are chosen by beneficiaries themselves and fully funded without the need for repayment, these projects are more likely to be successful.
The first set of collaborative projects are expected to grow out of Michael’s relationships formed in Zambia at the Chipembi Farm College, and the surrounding community.
Image credit: NASA
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Working with common purpose, the future we create for ourselves can be better than our past
                                                                              -- Michael P. Kraft