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Working with common purpose, the future we create for ourselves can be better than our past
                                                                              -- Michael P. Kraft
Taking the LEAP
Better Futures founder Michael P. Kraft visited Zambia as a participant in the Taking the LEAP program with iLEAP: The Center for Critical Service, based in Seattle, U.S.A.  While in Zambia, Michael exchanged technical know-how for exposure to the sustainable development practices of Chipembi Farm College.  While at Chipembi, Michael forged several key relationships, laying the groundwork for future collaborative projects with the farm college and the surrounding community.  For a closer look at some of Michael’s key experiences, please see his entries on the iLEAP blog.
For an informal look at life in Zambia, please feel free to check out these photos.
Food Crisis Averted at Chipembi
Due to drought followed by unexpected heavy rains, CFC experienced a food crisis this past growing season.  Thanks to many generous donors, Better Futures has raised enough funds for Chipembi to buy the grain needed to get through the crisis.  For more info, please click here.
Moving Forward
Several collaborative projects at Chipembi Farm College and in the surrounding community are in the planning stages.  If you would like to support this ongoing work, please click the PayPal Donate button below.