Backyard garden
Maize growing in the garden
Drying maize in bulk
Dried groundnuts
Typical Zambian meal
Pigs feeding
Up close and personal
Practicing a dance for graduation at Chipembi Farm College
Cattle in the paddock
Water storage tank
On the bus
Touring a center pivot irrigator
Dairy cows
Newly hatched chickens
Students in traditional dress at graduation party
Offering computer training at Chipembi Farm College
Students taking final exams at Chipembi
Goats crossing the road
Old and new: Cell tower at Chipembi
Grade school classroom at Chipembi
Working in the field
Hearty meal almost ready to eat
Storage tank with solar powered pump
Close up of solar panels
Learning to plant onions
Traditional dancers
Downtown Lusaka
The Manda Hill shopping center in Lusaka
A pleasant walkway in downtown Lusaka
Rearing chicks at Chipembi
Chipembi moon at twilight
Zambezi River near Livingstone
Victoria Falls
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Image credit: NASA
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