Food Crisis at CFC Averted (part 3)
Success Stories from Chipembi
Chipembi Farm College (CFC) was started by Scottish missionaries in the 1920’s.  Today, CFC is an operating unit of the United Church of Zambia.  Since its founding, the college has graduated thousands of students with the skills needed to be self-sufficient in Zambia’s rural economy.  
CFC offers a two year residential program in general agriculture, primarily geared for high school graduates.  The students are taught both conventional and organic farming techniques, as well as courses such as animal husbandry, farm machinery, and farm management.  
The college also offers a specialized three year program for special needs students, who are offered scholarships if their families are unable to pay.  CFC also offers short courses to various groups, such as at-risk youth sponsored by World Vision.
Anthony Chipoma
Anthony Chipoma is one of the most successful graduates of the Special Needs program at Chipembi.  Born in Lusaka in 1978, his father died shortly after he turned 6.  Unfortunately, because he had a learning disability, his mother could not care for him.  He came to CFC in 1995, and completed the Special Needs program in 1997.  After a few years in Lusaka, he returned to Chipembi to work in horticulture, and then in the hammermill, where he works today.
Anthony got married in 2002, and he lives with his wife and two adorable children at CFC.  Beyond being able to care for himself and his family, Anthony realized that he wanted to give back to others like himself.  With two other friends, one of whom was an orphan, he decided to form an NGO to care for orphans and children with special needs.  He and his friends are busy building that organization, the Home for Orphaned and Disabled students (HODC).  HODC has started to reach out to potential beneficiaries, and Anthony is busy raising funds and building his organization.  Better Futures will be providing a used laptop for Anthony’s organization.
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